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Friday, March 8, 2013

More Fun With Legos

**If you're interested in reading about our last Lego adventure, click here.**

Abby got a new Lego Friends set this week.

And I'm not going to lie,
I was almost giddy waiting to find out what sort of grossly disproportionate items were going to come with this set.

Once again, Lego did not disappoint.

This time Abby purchased Mia's Bedroom.  
It came with a drum set.

Nothing strange there.

But wait, what is Mia going to play the drums with?

And there it is.

I'm honestly a little afraid.

To me it looks less like Mia is about to play the drums and more like she is about to bash in someone's windshield.
Even her shadow looks terrifying. 

But it doesn't stop there.

Mia also came with a book and a basket in which to carry it.

Mia and her basket.

Mia and her book.

I feel like you probably see where this is going...

Yeah.  That works.

What in the world is happening over there at Lego?

Normally we tell Abby that if she wants a special treat like Legos, and it's not a special event, like her birthday or Christmas, she has to save her money to buy them.
Honestly, after the last two sets she's purchased, I'm so excited to find out what sort of treasure the next set will hold I'm thinking about going out and buying them all for her.

But first, I'm off to find a secure hiding place for Mia's drumsticks.

Otherwise, I'm afraid every time I close my eyes tonight,
this will be the mental image I'll see.

Truly. Terrifying.


  1. This cracked me up. I hate legos. I've stepped on them, got them stuck in the vacuum and chucked them in the trash. I regret the trash because they aren't cheap but oh well.

  2. Very cute post! Visiting from Sharefest!