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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Date Night

Billy and I had a few hours without children last night, so we decided to makes the most of those child-free moments together.

We went to Wal-mart.

Because we know how to par-tay.

Actually we went out to dinner first, which was nice.  
It was quiet and no one complained that they didn't like what was on their plate.

And Billy only asked me to cut up his food once so... 
that was a win.

But, after dinner came Wal-mart.

And as much as neither of us wanted to go, we really had no choice.  
It was either a trip to Wal-mart or Abby was taking Ritz crackers & a thermos of OJ to school for lunch today.

Not that I didn't spend more than a few minutes trying to mentally figure out how to make that work.

Anyway, when we got to Wal-mart, I pulled out my list and then reached for my pen...


And this time, there wasn't even half of a broken blue crayon to fall back on.

Which meant our shopping trip went something like this:

Put bread in the cart. 

Go to next aisle.

Put soup in the cart.

Wait a minute, did I get bread?  
I better go back.

Put bread in the.....dang it.
I already got bread.

Oh, forget it. 
Where are the donuts?

It's ridiculous how few brain cells I have left. 
There are honestly days I question how I make it out of the house with all my clothes on.

Well, we did, somehow, manage to make it through the entire grocery list.
AND we even made it home in time to unpack some of the groceries and catch few minutes of a Duck Dynasty rerun before the kiddos got home.

See I told you.
It's like a non-stop par-tay up in here.

Stop laughing.


  1. My husband and I once had an afternoon with no kids and he took me out to lunch, went to home depot and then came home and he decided we needed to pick up dog poop in our back yard. The glamour of married life! Although the peace and quiet at the table in the restaurant over lunch and in the car was wonderful so I didn't even mind what else we did!

    1. I completely understand! Isn't is amazing how much "dates" change once you have kids? :)