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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Things That Have Happened Since The Last Post

We all got better from the germ infestation I wrote about in the last post.  
I wanted to go ahead and share this news first as I'm sure you've been perched on the edge of your seat since March waiting to hear how all that turned out.

We spent a week at the beach for Spring Break.  
It was our first week long vacation as a family of four and we had a blast!

Abby finished Kindergarten

Last Day of Kindergarten - June 7, 2013
...and is now about two weeks away from beginning 1st grade.
I cannot believe how quickly time is passing.

We have had a very full & fun summer.
Abby visited grandparents, participated in a couple of camps & just generally enjoyed her time off.  Hard to believe it's coming to an end.

We received an unexpected blessing!

Yep, our family of four will soon become a family of five.
At the end of March, we found out that we are expecting baby #3--a little girl due on Thanksgiving.  

So now you're all caught up.

And, hopefully, now that the 24-hour-a-day morning sickness phase has passed,
I'll be able to stay caught up and post more regularly.

But, if not, at least the first post you see will no longer be about our family throwing up. 

You're welcome.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Blog Post: Take Two

So I started writing a post last night about how I had taken an unintended blogging break last week because I was battling some kind of sinus yuck and then Cam ended up with a stomach bug, but we both seemed to be on the mend and I had high hopes that this week was going to go much smoother.

And then Abby started throwing up at 1:30 this morning.

So I deleted that post.

Thankfully, she only threw up twice last night and seems to be feeling better this morning so, it looks like her sickness was an isolated incident and not the stomach bug that's been going around.

But we're spending today in sick day mode anyway just to make sure.

Hopefully, the day will be fairly uneventful (and very throw-up free) and we will all be able to return to normal life tomorrow.

But for now, I'm off to wash sheets & spray Lysol on every surface in our house.


While wearing a Hazmat suit.

No need to leave these things to chance.

Happy (hopefully, germ free) Monday!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pork Chops & Tater Tots

So I've been doing a pretty good job keeping up with meal planning.

Well, I've done okay.

Alright, I've cooked some meals on some nights.

Anyway, last night was going to be one of those nights.

I found a recipe.
I planned a meal.
I purchased the ingredients.

And yesterday morning I pulled out my recipe and started putting ingredients in the crockpot.
I followed the instructions exactly.

Except for one thing.

The recipe called for thick cut pork chops, but when I went to the store over the weekend, all they had were thin cut.  
So I substituted.

Still pork chops, just thinner.
No big deal.

Big deal.

Apparently when you stack a whole bunch of thin cut pork chops on top of each other in the crockpot and leave them to cook all day, they congeal together into this gelatinous pork-like blob.

Almost as if they are working together to try and re-form the pig from which they came.

It was gross.

And still raw.

So we didn't eat it.
Trichinosis and all.

Time for Plan B.

Which in this case meant, quickly bathe the kids, put them in pajamas
...and head to Sonic

Cause nothing replaces home cooking like food that comes in a brown paper bag.

And just to quickly sum up how the evening went from there:
Billy's order got messed up three times,
I spilled the equivalent of half a bottle of mustard on my shirt,
Cam's dinner consisted almost entirely of tater tots, 
and Abby spent most of the night blowing bubbles in her milk with a straw.

Which ended when I told her to stop (for the 100th time)  and she answered,
"Okay, just let me see how high I can get them."

That's it.
Give me the milk.

When we finally made it back home, Abby got into trouble for having a sassy attitude,
Cam completely melted down because I threw away the remaining tater tots,
and there was still an entire kitchen to clean up.

Even though we ate dinner out of a bag.
In our car.

Not that I'm bitter.

I will say, though, that the night wasn't a total loss.
I now know where tater tots come from.

That's right.
They come from Awesome.

Just like our night.

I'm not bitter...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Running Commentary

While going through some old pictures and videos the other day, I came across the pictures and videos we took when we went to the Nascar Hall of Fame here in Charlotte back in 2011.

And even though it's a year and a half old, there was one video I found that I just had to post. 

But before I do, a little background.

One of the great things about the Nascar Hall of Fame is that it has LOTS of interactive activities for kids.  

One of these activities is called "Racing on TV".   

When you first sit down, clips of past racing footage are shown on the TV in front of you and through the headphones, you can hear the lap-by-lap race commentary.  

After you watch and listen, it's your turn.

The same footage that you just watched is replayed and now you get to be the commentator.

AND bonus, it's broadcasted over speakers so it can be heard by everyone passing by.

Being able to continuously speak AND have it blasted over speakers for all to hear is pretty much Abby's dream come true.
So when we asked her if she wanted to try it, she jumped right up on the stool and put on the headphones.

Here's what happened next...

Friday, March 8, 2013

More Fun With Legos

**If you're interested in reading about our last Lego adventure, click here.**

Abby got a new Lego Friends set this week.

And I'm not going to lie,
I was almost giddy waiting to find out what sort of grossly disproportionate items were going to come with this set.

Once again, Lego did not disappoint.

This time Abby purchased Mia's Bedroom.  
It came with a drum set.

Nothing strange there.

But wait, what is Mia going to play the drums with?

And there it is.

I'm honestly a little afraid.

To me it looks less like Mia is about to play the drums and more like she is about to bash in someone's windshield.
Even her shadow looks terrifying. 

But it doesn't stop there.

Mia also came with a book and a basket in which to carry it.

Mia and her basket.

Mia and her book.

I feel like you probably see where this is going...

Yeah.  That works.

What in the world is happening over there at Lego?

Normally we tell Abby that if she wants a special treat like Legos, and it's not a special event, like her birthday or Christmas, she has to save her money to buy them.
Honestly, after the last two sets she's purchased, I'm so excited to find out what sort of treasure the next set will hold I'm thinking about going out and buying them all for her.

But first, I'm off to find a secure hiding place for Mia's drumsticks.

Otherwise, I'm afraid every time I close my eyes tonight,
this will be the mental image I'll see.

Truly. Terrifying.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Date Night

Billy and I had a few hours without children last night, so we decided to makes the most of those child-free moments together.

We went to Wal-mart.

Because we know how to par-tay.

Actually we went out to dinner first, which was nice.  
It was quiet and no one complained that they didn't like what was on their plate.

And Billy only asked me to cut up his food once so... 
that was a win.

But, after dinner came Wal-mart.

And as much as neither of us wanted to go, we really had no choice.  
It was either a trip to Wal-mart or Abby was taking Ritz crackers & a thermos of OJ to school for lunch today.

Not that I didn't spend more than a few minutes trying to mentally figure out how to make that work.

Anyway, when we got to Wal-mart, I pulled out my list and then reached for my pen...


And this time, there wasn't even half of a broken blue crayon to fall back on.

Which meant our shopping trip went something like this:

Put bread in the cart. 

Go to next aisle.

Put soup in the cart.

Wait a minute, did I get bread?  
I better go back.

Put bread in the.....dang it.
I already got bread.

Oh, forget it. 
Where are the donuts?

It's ridiculous how few brain cells I have left. 
There are honestly days I question how I make it out of the house with all my clothes on.

Well, we did, somehow, manage to make it through the entire grocery list.
AND we even made it home in time to unpack some of the groceries and catch few minutes of a Duck Dynasty rerun before the kiddos got home.

See I told you.
It's like a non-stop par-tay up in here.

Stop laughing.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More Randomness

1- Cam's head will almost fit into the largest size cup at Sweet Frog.
Can't get much more random than that, right?

2- While attempting to organize the closet in the kids' bathroom, I found what I believe to be the world's smallest tube of toothpaste.
Apparently, it can get more random.

3- We were at a restaurant over the weekend and Abby was coloring the kid's menu.  When she was done she pushed it across the table so I could see the finished product.

Well, look at that.  It's a picture of a dog, a jukebox and....

Clay Aiken.
(Oh, just admit it.  You see it too.)

Happy Random Tuesday!